Infrastructure Penetration Testing is About Protecting Your Assets

Infrastructure Pentesting

Infrastructure Penetration Testing primary goal is to expose the vulnerabilities within the network infrastructure so you can be one step ahead of attackers. Attackers will try to access your business critical assets. The overall process is the same as for Azure Penetration Testing, but differs a bit on the content. Focus is on assets. 

Generic Process with an Infrastructure Twist

At Seculyze, we use the generic Penetration Testing Process as depicted in the overall pentesting offering. Two main phases are further split into sub-phases to describe the special nature of Infrastructure Penetration Testing. 

  • Phase 2: Discover is divided into the subphases 2a: Scan and 2b: Path
  • Phase 3: Attack is divided into the subphases 3a: Exploit and 3b: Access
Infrastructure Penetration Testing



Four generic phases based on generic process based on NIST 800-115 of which two are divided into sub-phases in the Infrastructure Penetration Testing process


Infrastructure Penetration Testing is an excellent way to test the organizational cyber resilience and also that of your network and systems. Many of our clients use penetration testing as part of their cybersecurity deliveries

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