Join us Next Door đź’¬

Join us on May 1st for Next Door Security by Industriens Fond and Seculyze. This day is all about connecting with Denmark’s cybersecurity community 🤖

You’ll meet fellow professionals, share knowledge, and discover the latest from leading cybersecurity startups!

The event is ideal for startups showcasing solutions, investors seeking potential, or anyone in the industry looking to expand their network.

Register now to be a part of shaping the future of cybersecurity at H15 in Copenhagen – just next door to V2 Security 2024*

We look forward to seeing you there 🎉

*) Next Door Security is not an official side-event to V2 Security


H15 Kødbyen
Halmtorvet 15
1700 København

Date and time

Wednesday, May 1st 2024
14:00 – 19:00 CEST




Welcome to Next Door Security

By Malene Stidsen, Program Officer at Danish Industry Foundation and Alex Steninge Jacobsen, CEO, Seculyze

Malene Stidsen
Program Officer

Cybersecurity Programme, Danish Industry Foundation

Alex Steninge Jacobsen



Fireplace talk: Fostering a Cyber Community

Malene and Esben talk about how nurture a cyber start-up culture in Denmark. We look to Ukraine for inspiration, but also talk about how to improve it in Denmark. Moderated by Pia Ella Elmegaard from Bobbie and Beastie. 

By Malene Stidsen, Program Officer at Danish Industry Foundation and Esben Gadbøll, Chair of Danish Tech Start-ups

Esben Gadbøll

Danish Tech Start-ups

Malene Stidsen
Program Officer

Cybersecurity Programme, Danish Industry Foundation

Pia Ella ElmegĂĄrd

Bobbie & Beastie


Pitch: Campfire Security

What makes Campfire Security special? Listen to Kristian explain their key value propositions and how Campfire Security will revolutionize the cyber security training industry.

By Kristian Meincke, Sales & Business Development at Campfire Security

Kristian Meincke
Sales & Business Development

Campfire Security


Pitch: Sagalabs

Learn how to deal with an unknown threat through realistic scenario training from SagaLabs. Christian will tell how Sagalabs’ realistic and educational scenario provides a gamified experience.

By Daniel Mogens McMillan, Co-founder at Sagalabs

Daniel Mogens McMillan



Pitch: Cybercue

Listen to the famous investor pitch from Cybercue. Learn what they are doing, why and how to invest in less than 4 minutes. 

By Eskil Sørensen, CEO at Cybercue

Eskil Sørensen



Pitch: Cyberjuice

Building a culture that values security: Most startups and SMEs are busy and just want someone to “make the security problem go away”. They see it as something to check off their list. Done.

Hear how Cyberjuice helps SMEs shift this mindset so they begin the journey of building a culture that values security.

By Bodil Biering, CEO at Cyberjuice

Bodil Biering



Pitch: OSINTer

How OSINTer is helping CISOs be more risk savvy: The OSINTer guys will do a short demo of how to use OSINTer to become more risk savvy in your own organisation

By Bertram Madsen, Founder at OSINTer

Bertram Madsen



Pitch: Cybersundhed

The global dilemma where the media advises us to reduce screen time while simultaneously promoting the need for more tech-savvy professionals. This presentation will explore the importance of technology literacy and advocate for better knowledge sharing to balance our digital and real-world interactions effectively.

By Jakob Seierøe, Founder at Cybersundhed

Jakob Seierø



Fireplace talk: From start-up to exit

Hear the story of how Derant went from 0 to exit in the cyber security world. Moderated by Zaynab Al-Hussaini. 

By Michael Lentge Andersen, Founder at Derant

Michael Lentge Andersen


Zaynab Al-Hussaini



The Cyber Market seen from a VC Point of View

As the finale, Jens is flown in from Sweden to give a talk about how the cyber market looks like with the eye of the VC. Jens is also a start-up as he is raising money for his cyber-only fund. 

By Jens Holzapfel, VC

Jens Holzapfel



As a company, we excel in cyber security training and education. We come with a background in cyber security learning research, particularly in the more technical field. Our target audience is software and IT professionals, and the platform is based on realistic training in virtual hacker labs. We are unique in that our platform and training have been developed for the many. In other words, we try to raise the competences within cyber security for the wide range of professionals who work within IT and software.

Would you like to hear more? So come and meet us at this event and hear how our course participants are prepared for the ever-increasing cyber threat of the future.

Many smaller businesses choose to defend themselves against cybercrime with their eyes closed or fingers crossed. Some underestimate the risk, while others buy solutions that are too large for their needs. But many simply give up in advance – because the classic cyber security solutions are often too expensive, too complicated or too time-consuming.
Cybercue is a smarter, lighter and cheaper alternative that delivers tailored cyber security for SMEs – all in one simple app. The SME’s IT key person or manager starts by answering 12 simple questions about the company. 10 minutes later, the SME is underway.
Cybercue strengthens the SME’s ability to prevent cyber attacks, learn more about security and document the security actions that create higher security.

The friendliest cybersecurity cockpit: Cyberjuice enables start-ups and SMBs to get to the right level of cyber security on their own – without having to hire expensive security consultants or wasting time writing documentation.

Our Mission is to make cybersecurity accessible, uncomplicated and relevant. This enables our customers to take charge in a way that puts them above their competition. Our Vision is to bridge the gaps in cybersecurity by being the most user friendly and cost effective cyber security management platform for SMEs. We value Honesty, Care and Playfulness.

Navigating the cybersecurity landscape can be challenging, but with Cyber-Hub, it’s simpler. We offer access to top-notch freelancers, talented professionals seeking opportunities, and innovative vendors – all in a user-friendly platform. We want to make the search for Cyber talent easy and the way into cyber understandable for all.

No need for grand claims. We’re here to support your cybersecurity journey, one step at a time.

Ready to strengthen your defenses? Let’s chat.

Elevate Your Cyber Security with Elite Freelance Talent!

At CyberMinds, we’re not just a cyber CV pusher; we’re your strategic partner in securing the future. Specializing in the Danish market, we connect leading companies and critical infrastructure with the top tier of freelance cyber talent.

We deliver niche focus, expert matchmaking leveraging superior industry knowledge with a consultative approach deeply embedded in the cyber community.

Ready to enhance your cyber security posture with freelance expertise? Let’s discuss how our exclusive catalogue of cyber professionals can be your asset in navigating the complexities of today’s digital threats.

CyberSundhed is a weekly podcast that delves into the interplay between humanity and technology. It aims to spark new conversations about their relationship and the necessity for dialogue in an era where AI technologies like ChatGPT are poised to reshape society and human behavior. The podcast seeks to uncover answers to questions such as “what defines a good human?” and the role of technology in shaping our ethics.
The discussions draw inspiration from Socrates’ method of inquiry, emphasizing the importance of asking the right questions rather than jumping to conclusions. By fostering a culture of curiosity and learning, CyberSundhed encourages its audience to contribute to a happier, more enlightened world, embodying the spirit of Socratic dialogue. This approach is crucial for creating a future where technology and humanity coexist harmoniously.

Cyber security, lectures, courses and individual advice primarily for small and medium-sized companies. Partner for SMVDanmark, industry organizations, various business organizations.

No-obligation mutual orientation meeting at your place, if you choose us to help in your business, we process Cyber Security – policies etc., and take care of the subsequent maintenance on a subscription basis. It is a financial advantage for you to use us, rather than try it yourself, we have access to relevant information and have the background to understand the information that must be used in your company.

We pull all the threads together in your company for the complete solution
The company gets a finished solution. In addition, we contribute through supervision, requests for insight and other things.

As a customer of, the company has access to 24/7 support in case of hacker attacks or the like.

In our work assisting IT security teams, a common find has been the challenge associated with keeping up to date with the ever-moving cyber threat landscape, as the tooling around Threat Intel is often lacking. We often see this leading analysts to manually sift through vast amounts of open-source data from diverse sources and struggle to identify relevant information amidst the overwhelming volume of available data. 

OSINTer is a new, digital platform tailored towards breezing through the complexities involved in extracting strategic cyber threat intelligence from the quickly moving news cycle. Designed to streamline the traditionally laborious process of manually tracing and compiling data, OSINTer offers an automated, efficient means of identification, collection, and tracking of the cyber threat landscape.

Oh, and did we mention that we are open-source?

Depersonalize your data and get perfect data for test, cloud, data warehouse, analytics, AI training, research etc., without exposing personal information or compromising GDPR.

PII Guard has developed the next generation of encryption with the strongest algorithm for privacy in the world. It’s called Type-Preserving Encryption (TPE). With this technology, PII Guard can help set your data free so you can use data for more purposes with fewer restrictions and less risk. With TPE data will maintain its value and act as original data.

PII Guard is a Danish company founded by security experts. Our unique products help leading public and private organizations protect customer privacy in an easy and automated way.

How would your business react if it was hit by a cyber attack? Are you ready to deal with an unknown threat that could threaten data, customers and your reputation? With realistic scenario training at SagaLabs, you will be ready!

  • We come up with a realistic and educational scenario that the participants have to go through. We have tasks for everyone, so that the participants get a gamified experience that suits their skills.
  • We provide infrastructure on our own Cyber Range. All you need are computers with access to the Internet.
  • Our skilled instructors have experience with Incident Response, Threat hunting, Network Security and many other qualities.

Seculyze is B2B SaaS that decreases the risk of cyberattacks by 80% by removing irrelevant cyber alerts and prioritizing the remainder, which both reduces the required working time and provides better security.

Our solution works by collecting and standardizing all alerts from Microsoft’s security products in one portal with three overall features:

  • Health check to ensure continuous best practice setup of your SIEM and EDR
  • Tune out false positive alerts with ML/AI to remove tedious work – and correlate past true positive alerts to drastically increase countermeasures of new attacks
  • Enrich alerts with additional data to prioritize the scarce resources and decrease handling time with better decision grounds