Incident Response as Internal or External Capability

Incident Response can be conducted both as an actual security incident response or as a training in security incident response process.

The incident response, sometimes referred to as Computer Security Incident Response, process-chain follows the below depicted process

Incident Response

Incident Response Procedure in Detail

Seculyze has several service models including on-call and standby services. We will follow the below Security Incident Response Procedure as if we were an internal team:

Training in Security Incident response

Plans for 4 different types of training

A training plan will be formulated for the security team to expand their knowledge and approach based on the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Training will be based on the current technical level and will be performed accordingly, typically a combination of hands-on, use case-based training and training with real-life labs.

At Seculyze, we have out of the box training setups for the following. They can be used as is or customized to your needs:

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