Microsoft Sentinel Configuration is optimizing value

Microsoft Sentinel Configuration

Microsoft Sentinel Configuration has the intent to secure your business through optimized use of the Microsoft SIEM system. Microsoft Sentinel is an expensive solution – but also a clever solution.

At Seculyze we have been installing and configuring Microsoft Sentinel from its very first release. Out of the box, it provides value. Tweaking it, significantly increases its value.

Microsoft Sentinel Configuration questions as input

Seculyze can help you uncover your configuration needs. From this initial assessment, we can implement and configure your Microsoft Sentinel SIEM. Whether it is a first-time installation and configuration, or if it is modifying an already running installation to provide more value to you and your business. Ask yourself:

Did you know?

This is the reason Seculyze was started. Part of our software provides the ongoing tweak of your Microsoft Sentinel Configuration through the Health score

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Microsoft Sentinel Configuration:

A recurring task

Your IT environment changes

Your surroundings changes

The attackers change

Microsoft Sentinel changes

→ Therefore, Microsoft Sentinel Configuration is not a one-time thing. It needs to be tweaked, especially after the initial configuration and for 3 – 6 months. Here, the value comes from knowledge of the baseline.

The largest value is though obtained when on a running basis rules and setup are tweaked. At least annually.

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