Improve Cyber Security Response: 4 Benefits of Microsoft Sentinel Add-ons

4 ways Microsoft Sentinel add-ons benefit your cyber security response.

Again and again, Microsoft Sentinel has been voted the best cyber security solution on the market. Microsoft Sentinel is unparalleled in its cyber security capabilities, and in our view, outperforms any other SIEM solution on the market. 

However, Microsoft Sentinel is not without its shortcomings. Even with its highly functional and flexible capabilities, security analysts often encounter that Microsoft Sentinel is a complex solution that requires highly specialized knowledge to function to its full potential. Its complexity leads to high configuration costs and dependence on expensive, in-demand skill sets. Sentinel’s complexity also means that users wind up with too many false positives. The results are alert fatigue and missed incidents.

Because Microsoft Sentinel requires specialized knowledge to function to its full potential, a growing number of organizations are adopting integrated SaaS solutions to simplify the operation of Microsoft Sentinel, improve performance, and reduce costs. In this blog post, we explain how automated technology that serves as an add-on to Microsoft Sentinel simplifies operations to achieve the highest performance of Microsoft Sentinel.

1. Cost-efficient configuration

Time after time we hear analysts and CISOs voice concerns that Microsoft Sentinel is a much too complex and expensive solution. Not only is Microsoft Sentinel log sourcing and storage expensive, but organizations are often overly-dependent on specialists to configure and maintain Microsoft Sentinel. The costs quickly add up.

Technological add-ons, like Seculyze, reduce the costs associated with Microsoft Sentinel through automated Health Checks. Seculyze Health Check automates Microsoft Sentinel configuration, providing recommendations on best practice configurations, as well as an estimated cost per log source for an easy overview of which log sources to prioritize. No longer are you dependent on expensive and hard-to-find specialists to do the job for you.

2. Optimize and normalize threat data

To get the most from Microsoft Sentinel, it’s necessary to collect the right data. The ability to analyze threat data is necessary to understand your threats and to know which threats to prioritize.

Collecting and analyzing large amounts of threat data can be complex, challenging, and time-consuming. This is especially true given that Microsoft Sentinel threat data is often received in diverse formats from varied data sources.

Seculyze integrates into Microsoft Sentinel to automate data collection and normalization. With automated data collection, you gain a clear understanding of your cyber security alerts. Normalized threat data provides an accessible overview and format. Effortlessly correlate events to pinpoint which threats to prioritize. Accelerate the analysis process with automated and normalized data collection.

3. Improved ability to monitor alerts

A major pitfall of Microsoft Sentinel is that it continues to produce too many false positive alerts. This is a serious problem as analysts risk entering states of alert fatigue, becoming desensitized to alerts, and diminishing their cyber security response. Analysts need a more efficient way to monitor their alerts.

You can better monitor your alerts with increased threat context. Alert enrichment adds the context needed to gain clear visibility into your alerts so that you can correlate events and know where to take action. However, the problem is that alert enrichment is a manual and tedious process, that adds unneeded complexity to an effective cyber security response.

Additional technology is needed to automate and simplify the alert enrichment process. Leveraging automation, Seculyze simplifies alert enrichment, making it straightforward to gain the threat context needed to separate false positive alerts from significant alerts. With an improved ability to monitor alerts, you can reduce alert fatigue and act faster on your alerts.

4. Combat the most advanced threats

Even with robust configuration, Microsoft Sentinel struggles to combat the most advanced threats. Advanced threats often evade Microsoft Sentinel alert detections. An integrated solution to improve Microsoft Sentinel detection capabilities is therefore a requirement.

Improve Microsoft Sentinel’s ability to combat advanced threats by upgrading its threat-hunting and intelligence capabilities. By leveraging add-ons to Microsoft Sentinel, like Seculyze, you gain state-of-the-art machine learning to automatically detect similarities in alert rules. Based on similarities in alerts, you can automatically tune alert rules to clear the noise of false positives. Enhanced tuning simplifies threat detection and response, and leads to fewer false positives. Analysts can then clearly focus on in-depth threat investigation. Improve cyber security response with enhanced tuning. 

About Seculyze

Seculyze is a SaaS solution that integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Sentinel for improved cyber security response. Seculyze extends the capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel by offering automated alert enrichment, tuning, and Microsoft Sentinel health check. Improved alert enrichment and tuning reduces alert fatigue, enhancing analysts’ ability to combat the most advanced cyber security threats. Automated health check simplifies the complexity of Microsoft Sentinel configuration and upkeep. Simplified configuration lessens dependence on specialized knowledge and reduces operational costs. Reduce costs, optimize performance, and combat the most advanced threats with Seculyze.

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