Decrease alert handling time


Automatically add threat intelligence and external open data sources to your alerts and decrease the alert handling time by up to 20%. 

Rethink security in SIEM

Automate the tedious tasks

Our automated software takes care of the manual and tedious analysis tasks, so that you can prioritize your time on high-risk threats.

Automatically format, integrate, and normalize your threat intelligence data. Have a faster and more informed response to cyber threats. 

Seculyze software prioritizes alerts with threat intelligence into three categories based on our unique algorithm: High, medium, low, and zero (if there is no threat intelligence). 

Based on a multitude of open source data sources, a unique notice is given which in turn provides an easy and actionable recommendation

Many sources are used to create the right and efficient work environment, e.g. WHOIS, AbuseIPDB and similar. They are all collected in OpenCTI and enriched on the alerts

Open Source Threat Intelligence

Gain a clear overview with added threat intelligence

Leverage data such as abuse scores, threat context, and open data sources like WHOIS to gain a clear understanding of your alerts and rapidly uncover the most serious threats. 

Prioritize alerts based on threat-level and quickly pinpoint which alerts to focus on. Analyse faster and more efficiently.

How we use threat intelligence
Open data sources

Improved Threat Analysis

Seculyze provides automated actionable alert insights and recommendations so that you can make better decisions and drive a more informed security response. We provide recommended actions to help you monitor threats and to take action based on an informed threat profile. 

How we use open data sources
Efficiency instead of overlooking crucial alerts

Save on average 6 minutes per alert

Seculyze optimizes the alert investigation workflow, decreases the alert handling time and increases response time. Minimize the severe impact of cyber attacks with an accelerated analysis. 

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Priotizing alerts for you

The user interface flags alerts based on abuse scores, so you know which threats should be prioritized. 


Adding intelligence

As part of the investigation flow, intelligence is added to ease the handling of alerts, so you do not need to waste time looking these up

Guided actions

Based on enrichments, Seculyze provides attention to your alert that guides your actions as well as recommended actions for the alert


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