Seculyze was born from our extensive knowledge of Microsoft Sentinel and our deep experience within incident response, security analytics, and cybersecurity advisory. We saw a need for more cybersecurity professionals in combination with a need for more advanced tools to combat an increasingly complex security landscape.

Our purpose is to strengthen cybersecurity by giving security professionals the tools, resources, and time they urgently need. By configuring and enhancing Microsoft Azure Sentinel in a unique way, our customers can reduce alert fatigue and improve their cybersecurity response. 

Our Values

Our values are rooted in us as individuals and as a company. They are the foundation of our products and services. They guide us in our actions and choices, and push us to improve everyday.

Seculyze Sustainable Development Goals

Seculyze Sustainable Development Goals

Seculyze is committed to SDG goal 16, especially target 16.3 and 16.4. We fight cybercrime. By reducing cyberrisk, we make cybercrime unprofitable and deprive criminals of incentive.

We are committed to SDG goal 9, especially target 9.1. We build resilient infrastructure that sustains damage and outage due to cyberattacks.