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Fostering a cyber community in Denmark 

There has arguably never been a greater need for innovative solutions in security and defence, [...]

Celebrating Awesome Cyber Startups of 2024

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Next Door Security: Event Highlights

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The Cyber Market: An insightful VC’s perspective

One of the key challenges facing cyber startups is funding. So what does it look [...]

Maximizing cybersecurity posture with a simplified approach

As cyberattacks get more and more sophisticated, security teams are implementing ever-more complex security technology [...]

What is Ethical Hacking?

At this point, it’s safe to say that we are overly familiar with the term [...]

What is MDR and what are its benefits?

As a professional threat detection and response service, MDR teams are comprised of cybersecurity experts [...]

Cyber Security Behavior: 3 Exciting Insights Sculpted by User Studies

True empowerment hinges on the personnel. Tools merely amplify abilities. Find out how Cyber Security [...]

How to conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment in 5 easy steps

Imagine that you are a traveler setting off on an arduous journey. You have no [...]

DDoS Identification and Mitigation: how to stay secure

June 2023: Microsoft identified a major surge in traffic on its servers. The flood of [...]

Get the most from your blue team with these best-practice tips

Valeria is under attack! Its cybersecurity defenses are compromised as coordinated cyberattacks threaten the country’s [...]

4 Common Security Vulnerabilities and How to Fix Them

The digital transformation is in full swing. All companies and industries, small and large, must [...]

Siem alert validation: 3 simple tactics to remove false positives

Alert fatigue is a far too common problem, affecting the performance of your siem. But [...]

Improve Cyber Security Response: 4 Benefits of Microsoft Sentinel Add-ons

4 ways Microsoft Sentinel benefits your cyber security response.

Microsoft Sentinel Tips: the 5 best ways to unlock the full power of Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel tips are 5 ways analysts can unlock more power from Microsoft Sentinel. With [...]

FROG Research: Introducing the New Blogpost Series

Through careful UX consideration, FROG researches how to transform complex threat data from list-view into [...]

Seculyze celebrates 1,000+ LinkedIn followers

March 6, 2023 – Seculyze announces a new milestone. The company has gained 1,000+ LinkedIn [...]

Seculyze collaborates with VENZO Cyber Security and ITU

A joint research project between Seculyze, VENZO Cyber Security and ITU is exploring new ways [...]