Next Door Security: Event Highlights

Thanks For Being Part of Next Door Security! 

We’re still buzzing from the first edition of Next Door Security, initiated together with great partners to bring our growing community together in the spirit of cooperation and shared passion.

We believe there has never been a more important time to build relationships across our small, but flourishing Danish cyber community of founders, investors, operators and industry experts – and we are so happy you were all part of it.

It was fantastic to connect with old friends and new from across our network, spar on shared challenges and latest milestones over cold beers in the Copenhagen Spring sunshine. Thank you for being part of it!

None of this would have been possible without generous sponsorship from Industriens Fond and our community partners and Danske Tech Startups // Danish Tech Startups 🇩🇰 🚀. Thank you for the trust and for helping us launch the first of what we hope will be many events like this. 

For those that couldn’t make it this time, here are some of the highlights.

Spotlight: Can Denmark Learn from Other Countries?

It gave us great pleasure to welcome Malene Stidsen, program chief for Industriens Fond’s cyber security program and Esben Gadsbøll, chairman of Danish Tech Startups in conversation with Pia Ella Elmegård to Next Door Security. The discussion was revolving around the cyber ecosystem in Denmark and maybe looking at other countries to learn.

They talked about:

Next Door Security
  • Denmark’s cyber security community is growing but still fragmented
  • Ukraine and Estonia set a great example with a very high speed of innovation in cyber
  • Denmark’s high level of digitalization means we have a strong foundation for innovation in cyber

Spotlight: Cyber Startups Giving a Glimpse of the Future

As well as bringing our community together, one of of the key reasons we put together this event is to shine a spotlight on brilliant new ideas emerging in cyber security. Some highlights from our startup pitches at Next Door Security:

Each presenter showed that we’re all in this together, learning from each other and pushing boundaries.

Aside from the pitch, the cyber start-ups also had exhibition areas with roll-ups. The above included, Next Door Security also welcomed: 

Fireplace Talk: From Startup to Exit

Cyber security expert Zaynab Al-Hussaini sat down in conversation with entrepreneur Michael Lentge Andersen to unpack his journey from bootstrapped startup to the successful exit of Derant, a SaaS business offering cyber security as a service. Martin shared challenges they faced along the way, how he approached strategic decisions facing his business and the crucial role of building a cohesive team that shares the vision and passion.

Next Door Security 2

The Cyber Market Seen from a VC Point of View

From startups to scale-ups to exits, next we turned our attention to the investor perspective and welcomed Jens Holzapfel to the stage.

He provided a comprehensive overview of the current investment climate in the cybersecurity sector, unpacking exactly what VCs are looking for in startups, trends influencing investment decisions and predictions for the future of funding in cyber technologies.

Next Door Security 3

It’s not news that building and backing cyber security businesses is challenging. Recent data suggests that, right now, less than 2% of cybersecurity funding is from the EU and that the most common exit is being acquired.

Yet, at a time where innovation in cyber security has never felt more critical, we remain dazzled by the energy of our growing community, ambition of the next generation of cyber founders and the immense opportunity at hand. 

What’s Next After Next Door Security

We hope that everyone who joined us left the event as energised as we did and that you made valuable new connections with peers and potentially future partners across the space. With such a good buzz in the air, we are already thinking about the next edition of Next Door Security.

Special thanks to our partners:Industriens Fond , Danske Tech Startups, and TechBBQ, for their support and collaboration

Thanks to Kevin Balaz for capturing all the memorable moments – check out the photos and see if you can spot yourself .

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