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Maximizing cybersecurity posture with a simplified approach

As cyberattacks get more and more sophisticated, security teams are implementing ever-more complex security technology to keep up with the evolving attacks. However, maximized security technology is not having the desired impact on the security posture.  One would think that sophisticated attacks require the most sophisticated defense. But paradoxically, Gartner recommends a “minimum effective” security […]

What is Ethical Hacking?

At this point, it’s safe to say that we are overly familiar with the term “hackers”. Hackers are malicious actors who attempt to exploit security vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access. Their motivations vary, but generally, the goal is to take down a network or steal funds and sensitive information. But there is another type of […]

What is MDR and what are its benefits?

As a professional threat detection and response service, MDR teams are comprised of cybersecurity experts who help organizations detect, respond, mitigate, and recover from security threats. An MDR service is particularly useful for organizations that desire extra security capabilities on top of their existing security systems. With the use of MDR, organizations can improve their […]

How to conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment in 5 easy steps

Imagine that you are a traveler setting off on an arduous journey. You have no clue what awaits you. You will encounter a landscape that you have never seen before. So before you set out, you take extra precautions to prepare yourself for the potential struggles to come. You assess what threats you might encounter […]

DDoS Identification and Mitigation: how to stay secure

June 2023: Microsoft identified a major surge in traffic on its servers. The flood of traffic caused its servers to temporally go down. At first glance, the abnormally high traffic looked like legitimate consumer interest. But as Microsoft investigated the event further, the access requests looked more and more suspicious. It turns out that the […]

Get the most from your blue team with these best-practice tips

Valeria is under attack! Its cybersecurity defenses are compromised as coordinated cyberattacks threaten the country’s infrastructure. Security teams scramble to contain the damage before the government collapses.  Thankfully, Valeria is not a real country. And the above situation is only fictional. But the Valeria scenario represents an example of common blue team / red team […]

4 Common Security Vulnerabilities and How to Fix Them

The digital transformation is in full swing. All companies and industries, small and large, must digitize to compete. But digitization is not without risks. With digitization comes the increased importance of cybersecurity. This is especially true in the early stages of digitization when the workforce must learn to leverage and effectively integrate digitization into their […]